Animals are more receptive to healing

Sandy paralyzed hind legs, radiology showed a prolapse. She got some remote treatments within two days, after which she stood up and walked. New X-ray showed that the day after the prolapse was gone.

Here are some dogs which I have been giving some healing.


And here is "Pellegutt", a fox which bacame a good friend.

Some cows and calves I have treated. There have been various ailments, mastitis, milk fever, complications during and after calving, and other accidents.

Here it is "Nelly" receiving treatment for a kind of horn growth on one teat. The vet said nothing can be done about this and wrote out slaughter certificate. But "Nelly" was good and got several good years.


Some horses I have also treated. Here there is a thoroughbred trotter who need a check on the legs.


April 9th 2011

I do not know if you remember me and "Vilde", the very sick Shih Tzu that you helped a couple of years ago and that veterinarians doomed. She is at full speed today and is fit as a fiddle:) Attach some pictures of Vilde as she was when she was sick and
like she is now

Sincerely E.



December 6th 2013

Flat Coated Retriever, name Ricco.
Birth 6 June 2006.
Diagnosed pancreatitis on Tuesday this week.

There are now about A week since I contacted you. Ricco is now completely healthy.
It seems like it turned the same day I contacted you.
Appetite was better and he began to warn when it came visitors.
He was gradually improving day by day. I am grateful that we conceded
operation. Thanks for your help.

Regards O. A. H.



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